Emirates Business Class

Why travel Emirates Business Class ?

In the past, passengers have said it was a ‘waste of money’ or that’s ‘how the other half live’, but in recent years it is becoming more popular & here is our list of WHYS and what the inclusions are saving you, compared to buying extra components with an economy flight:-

  • Chauffeur service – between home & UK airport, plus return service in resort (£150)
  • Reserved Seating – unlike economy seating which is now all chargeable, you can select comfortable seats for free upon booking (£130)
  • Airport Lounges – you definitely need to skip meals at home (or resort) before arriving at the Emirates lounge, because the catering is fabulous, as is the drinks selection. Typically one passenger can consume a 3 course meal & 6 drinks while waiting to board. Also it is worth noting what you would spend in the airport if not in the lounge, on poor quality / high price food, with limited space to sit & enjoy it. (£200)
  • The actual flight – after priority boarding, you are immediately offered champagne or juices. While sipping your ‘reception fizz’ you peruse the menus of the day, before giving your orders for dining & drinking. Dining is a delicious 3 course meal, served with a bread selection. The drinks menu includes cocktails after take off, wines to enjoy with your meal & anything else you fancy being served. If you’re lucky, you will travel on the A380 which has a bar, you can visit here as much as you want & be served drinks & snacks. With everything offered inflight, compared to low cost airline cart charges, you definitely get your money’s worth through the journey (£200)
  • Outbound Night flights – if your journey is more than 7 hours it is well worth booking a night flight. These are often cheaper AND you can get a good rest, meaning you arrive at your hotel fresh with an early check in. You have also ‘saved the cost’ of accommodation !! Night passengers are also gifted the Bulgari toiletry bag, which is a nice touch to freshen up with (£150)
  • Inbound night flights – for all the reasons on the outbound, but also this way round you ‘gain a working day’ ! Quite often people book a day’s annual leave just to recover from a long journey. If you travel through the night in comfort, you can go straight to work, what is that worth to you ? Especially if you’re self employed, and don’t get paid for holidays. So here, we have added an average day’s earnings to cost of a hotel night (£300)

As if all the above cost savings aren’t enough to sway you, what about life’s basics ?

  • Treated with courtesy
  • Fast-track queues
  • Cleaner facilities
  • More space onboard
  • Healthier environment to breath
  • Comfort for people with joint issues

We know from personal experience, an economy flight can ruin our holiday. Many times we have landed after a long haul flight with a bad back, aching hip joints & full of cold !! Fly business, and we arrive happy, healthy & fresh.

So before you think premium travel is a ‘waste of money’ please consider these savings, but most of all your health.

NB the above cost savings are PER PERSON based on 2 flights outbound & inbound.

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