The Luxury Travel Lounge is not a travel agency in it’s own right, it is a base for 5 Travel Agencies, 1 Wellness Company and 1 Giving Fund, who we call the “Seven Wonders of OUR WORLD”. This was set up because various agents decided it was not cost effective to each have their own shop, and they wanted flexibility of work locations.

Our organisational structure offers a shared space for agents to have client meetings, administration support and industry training, with reduced overheads. These savings can be passed to clients, the group focus is  “To save clients’ time and money.” Time – because our travel experts can give first hand advice, avoiding searching the internet and Money – because most of their prices beat anything online.

Although the HQ is the shop in Horsforth, this can be restrictive for clients and some staff who are not local to the premises. Instead of opening more shops (& increasing overheads) we have flexible lounges around the UK, which we use for private client appointments. Of course, if clients do not want to travel we bring the lounge to them and can see them at home, over the phone or via Skype.

In the UK we have valued clients as far North as Scotland and as far South as Brighton, location is not an issue because the model of The Luxury Travel Lounge can be used anywhere in the UK and overseas.



A man who took an airline company to court after his luggage went missing has lost his case.

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