Many clients wish to travel to an overseas retreat, our favourites are in Cyprus, Peru, India, Bali & Thailand. We have our own retreats and can advise on others. While travelling overseas, many people can have wellness issues connected to insect bites, sun exposure, water or diet. We can advise on solutions to prevent, or cure certain ailments.

Sadly some people are not fit to travel due to health conditions, or fear of flying. Where possible, we can help with holistic therapies to get people well enough to travel. ‘Don’t let your symptom list, affect your bucket list’.

Many people cannot travel due to time or money restrictions, so we ‘bring the holiday’ effect to them in the UK. We have a range of therapies designed to de-stress, heal & uplift – tailored to all budgets.

Our therapists in the UK & Overseas work with specially selected products to aid wellness.


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